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As a "solution company with touch panels as its starting point," the entire company will work toward the realization of a sustainable society.

In addition to more than 200 types of standard touch panel products, DMC has worked on more than 2,000 models of custom products. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we strive to develop products suitable for the environment and situation in which they will be used, through close communication from the planning stage. Through the manufacture, sales, and support of touch panels, we aim to engage with many people and grow together with them.

Stable growth in the field of industrial equipment

The wide range of functions that DMC touchscreens serve include factory and other industrial operations, digital signage and the activities of daily life to support user safety and convenience.

With the spread of IoT, touchscreens have become an increasingly important interface. They are especially important in addressing social issues such as the decreasing labor force and increasing the convenience of inbound visitors .

DMC is committed to developing a wide range of solutions by giving shape to the unlimited possibilities of touchscreens and providing prompt responses to diverse social needs.

DMC has consistently pursued a business model that leverages the strengths of small-lot multi-production and stable long-term supply to ensure effective responses to customer needs. This has allowed DMC to maintain its position as a top runner in the ever-changing domestic industrial equipment market.

In the touchscreen market, there are two types of touchscreens: the resistive type, which is used in a wide range of applications, and the capacitive type, which is growing explosively with the spread of smartphones. Among these, we have a long track record and technological strength as a player in the resistive type, which is used in the operation displays of the factories of major companies. We believe that we have a competitive edge in the capacitive touchscreen market, where demand has been increasing rapidly in recent years, especially for large touchscreens, and we believe that this advantage will continue in the future.

The increasing use of smartphones in our everyday lives has also influenced the expansion of demand for touchscreens to switch panels for bicycles and car navigation systems. Along with this is the shift from the resistive touch technology (Press) to a capacitive touch technology (flick & swipe). The movement toward industrial-use touchscreens has also been accelerated as the generation raised with smartphones has entered the workforce.

In anticipation of the post-Corona era, demand is expected to increase for multilingual support for large digital signage that will greatly enhance convenience for visitors to Japan and other countries, as well as for ticket vending machines at stations and restaurants. The need for multilingual support is also increasing in the industrial and welfare sectors to compensate for the shortage of domestic workers.

Amidst this favorable wind, we will pursue "pursuit of an 'exciting tomorrow' that is happy and sustainable both materially and spiritually" in our management philosophy, which was revised in conjunction with the merger with Seedware, and will apply our technologies and achievements cultivated over a long period of time as a player in "resistive film" technology in the development of new "resistive film" products and in the manufacturing and sales channels for "capacitive film" products. We will continue to make the most of our technologies and achievements accumulated over a long period of time as a player in the "resistive type" to develop new "resistive type" products and to manufacture and sell "capacitive type" products. We will continue to develop our business by matching our strengths with the environment surrounding touchscreen manufacturing and by agilely and accurately grasping changes in the market.