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Touchscreen Film
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Anti-Fingerprint Film
Resists fingerprints & makes them less visible in areas that need to be kept clean.
Touchscreens with anti-fingerprint coating are less noticeable and easier to wipe clean. They are ideal for use in production environments where hand grease is common, as well as in hospitals and restaurants where it is important to maintain a clean appearance.

Feature of Anti-Fingerprint Film

  • Resists fingerprints and makes grease and oil inconspicuous
  • Resists fingerprints and makes grease and oil inconspicuous

    The anti-fingerprint finish on the surface of the film prevents fingerprints and other grease and dust from sticking to the screen, and fingerprint marks on the screen are not noticeable, and the elongation caused by grease and oil can be easily removed when wiping off. It is easy to clean and keeps the screen clean while preventing fingerprints from sticking to the screen even during frequent touch operations.

  • Prevents oil and grease from settling and wipes off easily
  • Prevents oil and grease from settling and wipes off easily

    The anti-fingerprint film has an oil-resistant and oil-repellent coating that prevents fingerprints and other oily stains from settling on the screen, making it relatively easy to wipe off. It also helps to improve visibility and operability by wiping away oil stains that tend to extend during the wiping process.


Examples of Utilization

  • Want to keep a Clean image with Medical Equipment
    Category Cases
    Products used 6.5-inch 4-wire resistive system
    Anti-fingerprint film
    Recruitment Industry Medical/Beauty/Healthcare
    Uses Medical Equipment
    Scene Stain resistance and antibacterial/cost
  • Background

    A touch screen operates the machine that takes x-rays of the mouth. Since this is a hospital, we wanted to maintain a clean image, so a touchscreen that is not likely to get dirty is better.

  • Adopt Content

    Fingerprint smudges are a concern with the touch screen. Since it is difficult to see the screen taken by x-ray, we wanted to maintain a clean image in the sanitary environment of the hospital, so we adopted a film attached to a 4-wire resistive touchscreen with anti-fingerprint properties. Only the film itself needs to be attached and the initial cost is kept to a minimum.


Ideal for Places Like This

  • Industrial Touchscreen Anti-Contamination

    Consider introducing a dirt countermeasure for on-site touchscreens.

  • Medical Touchscreens Require Cleanliness.

    Responds to the safety, security of our customers To a new common sense.

  • For touchscreens used in public sites

    For public touchscreens used by everyone, such as libraries and civic centers.

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