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Contribution to Regional Society

Contribution to Regional Society

DMC is involved in the vitalization of regional society, the restoration of areas damaged by natural disasters, and social contribution activities centering on the cultivation of the next generation to realize a sustainable society.
DMC has factories in Japan and Indonesia with a head office in Tokyo and business bases in Osaka. Based on recognition of the importance of deepening communication with residents in the community and establishing favorable relationships for the further expansion of our business, we promote cooperation with local governments and companies to contribute to the development of regional society and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Easy Japanese Seminar

We are welcoming technical intern trainees from Indonesia every year. Since not all employees are necessarily fluent in Japanese, we hold Easy Japanese Seminars with the cooperation of the Fukushima International Association to ensure smooth communication between Japanese and non- Japanese colleagues. One main focus is on learning how to say things in Japanese in an easier way which foreigners can easily understand, including replacing more complicated words with simpler language. In 2022, 7 trainees and 11 Japanese employees participated in the program.

Disaster Preparedness Courses for Non-Japanese Trainees and Local Residents

  • As with the Easy Japanese Seminar, we hold disaster preparedness courses for technical intern trainees from Indonesia and high school students and adults living in the suburbs of Shirakawa City at our Shirakawa Factory with the cooperation of the Fukushima International Association. At these courses, since non-Japanese colleagues can more easily be isolated during a disaster if their language skills are lacking, participants learned to communicate using easy Japanese for foreigners, including words for water outages, landslides, and other language used in times of disaster. Participants also experienced an earthquake using virtual reality (VR) and engaged in group work to discuss what to take with them during a disaster. Some said they enjoyed the learning experience, and others expressed interest in learning about cultures and disasters in other countries.

  • Participants hide under desks during a simulated earthquake
  • Participants experience earthquakes with sound and images using VR equipment
  • All participants gather for a photograph to commemorate the close of the course

Support for Victims of the West Java Earthquake

  • On November 21, 2022, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck western Java in Indonesia. DMC, which has a factory in Indonesia, began preparing relief supplies to be sent to the disaster area on the fourth day after the earthquake, successfully delivering these on November 30. Many people in the disaster area were able to take shelter using tents and tarps, and we believe that our support contributed to their well-being in some small way.

  • Packing of relief supplies
  • Loading supplies bound for the disaster area
  • Handing over relief supplies in the disaster area