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Touchscreen Sensor & Controller

Intuitive Touch Operation

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Panels & Controllers Equippedwith Touch Sensors
With just a simple overlay, you can add a touchscreen to your LCD display. By integrating it into your development products, you can create a unique & intuitive HMI. In combination with our proprietary controller, you can tune the touchscreen to your specific environment, such as gloved operation or outdoor use.

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Resistive Touchscreen
Touchscreen with Pressure Sensitive Touch Detection
Resistive touch panels detect position by energizing the electrodes (ITO film: transparent conductive film) facing each other. Resistive touch panels are used in various devices such as bank ATMs, train station ticket vending machines, and especially in industrial applications as a reliable touchscreen.

Model Resistive

Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP)
Touchscreen with Touch Detection by Current Change
A capacitive touchscreen identifies the touch position by detecting the increase in capacitance value that occurs when a human body, such as a finger, touches the touchscreen. It is used in a wide variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, as well as in industrial applications due to its high durability and robustness.

Model PCAP

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Touchscreen Controller
Touchscreen controller IC/board that enables fine tuning of touch environment.
Controllers that can adjust the touch environment to meet customer requirements & usage environments. can be used to tune various aspects of touch, such as noise filters, number of touch points, sensitivity adjustments for use with gloves, addition of water-resistant malfunction prevention functions.