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Touchscreen Solution - Cover-Glass/Acryic

Protect Touchscreen & Display

Large screen equipment, glass procurement, anti-reflective and antifouling treatments, etc.
We offer a one-stop service with an appealing design.

Functional Cover-Glass for Different Environments
In harsh environments like public facilities or industrial equipment, touchscreens need high environmental resistance. Cover glass is recommended to protect the surface from scratches, improve weather resistance, and simplify cleaning.
Cover customisation for enhanced protection to suit the environment
Capacitive touchacreens tend to be required to have higher environmental resistance in environments where they are touched by an unspecified number of people, such as commercial use to industrial equipment, or in sites exposed to external light, dust, impact or water, due to their cleanliness, high light transmission, excellent visibility & high image quality display. In such environments, the use of cover glass is recommended to prevent deterioration of the appearance of the touchacreen surface due to scratches & dirt, & to improve weather resistance, ease of cleaning & cleanliness.
Improved robustness protects the touchscreen from shocks & scratches.

Thick or toughened glass, such as 5 mm, can be used to provide touchacreens with high strength against external violence.


More transparent than glass & can be cut & drilled. Half as light as glass, with high resistance to breakage & flexibility.


Low-cost & scratch-resistant, with a certain degree of durability. Glass up to 5 mm thick can be affixed.

Tempered glass

Three to five times stronger than ordinary glass. It is more scratch-resistant than glass & is the most durable of all other materials.

Flat Surfaces
Flat surfaces improve day-to-day maintenance

When the cover glass is attached, the bezel is no longer uneven & the screen can be touched firmly in all corners. The cover glass also repels moisture & oil & does not allow dirt to penetrate. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off. Easy to clean.

Silk/ Inkjet Printing for free cover design

Colours can be printed on various shapes. Colour schemes can be created to match the customer's product colours. In addition to silk printing, multicolour printing is of course possible. Complex patterns & logos can also be printed.

Silkscreen Printing

This printing method uses a printing plate to transfer the ink. As a printing plate is required for each colour & the cost of multiple colours increases, this method is best suited to simple designs with a small number of colours.

Inkjet Printing

This printing method involves spraying ink onto glass. The cost remains the same even if the number of colours is increased, & high-definition, complex designs can be handled.

Gradation Printing

Inkjet printing can also faithfully reproduce elaborately designed logos. Corporate & brand images are not compromised.


What are the key points to make Cover-Glass?

Freedom of choice, MOQ & quality, cost & development time are key

Customising glass is an essential service for creating originals for various environments, such as chemically strengthened, decorated/surfaced/externally processed glass, but the challenge is that it involves conditions that must be met, such as development time, cost & MOQ, which tends to cause mismatches in the business.

Obstacles 1

Additional new designs & specifications have to be considered, which increases the development time, cost & effort.

Obstacles 2

Additional time needs to be allocated to estimating & working costs, such as obtaining internal approval for new drawings & verification work.

Obstacles 3

As separate glass orders & printing plates need to be made, an additional period of time is required to proceed here as well.


Touchacreens with Cover-Glass provided by DMC

Good Point
Extensive line-up & low cost for additional customisation

With DMC's touchacreens with cover glass, you can choose from a standard touchacreen line-up that is always in stock, allowing you to realise the freedom of choice & improved quality that you had previously given up, in less time & at a lower price. Additional customisation as a base is also possible, which speeds up development & can be considered in conjunction with higher requirements.

Good Point 1

The simple black-on-black framed design, which can be used with any enclosure, reduces costs but gives the product an elegant face.

Good Point 2

Tempered glass by default. High robustness & clear visibility for protection against shocks & scratches & good appearance.

Good Point 3

Standard product, so always kept in stock. Can be supplied immediately when required. Efficiently compresses delivery times & reduces costs.

Touchscreen with Cover-Glass is here

touchacreens that minimise development costs & time, offer freedom of choice & economy. Cover glass for a bezel-less, stylish interface DMC offers a wide choice of touchacreens with cover glass, based on standard products. No development costs, short time & high economic efficiency.