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Touchscreen Solution

Solving Issues Related to Touchscreens

From review to introduction & support, DMC's Solutions will make it happen!
We solve various problems and inconveniences faced by our customers.

Total Support from Sensor Components to Applied Products
We offer comprehensive support for touchscreen development, from components to final products. We provide consulting services to optimize your product, including functional enhancements and cost reduction.

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Touchscreen Film
Functional films that can be upgraded with functional combinations in different environments.
Various touchscreen films are available to prevent appearance degradation due to scratches, dirt, weathering and sunlight on touchscreen surfaces. Other anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint and anti-viral and anti-bacterial films are also available to keep the appearance clean and neat.

Line Up

  • Anti-Viral & Bacterial Film Film
    Inhibiting the Growth of Bacteria & Specific Viruses
  • Protection Film Film
    Sheet to Protect Touchscreen from Scratches & Dirt
  • Anti-Reflective Film Film
    Anti-Glare Properties Reduce & Reflections on the Screen
  • Anti-Fingerprint Film Film
    Fingerprints are Reduced & Grease can be Easily Wiped Off
  • Overlay Film Film
    Make Your Device Stylish with a Bezel-less, Versatile Design
  • UV Block Film Film
    Prevents Screen Deterioration from Sunburn & Outside Light
  • Privacy Film Film
    Prevent Prying Eyes from Seeing Your Personal Info
  • ANR Film
    Easier to See Newtonian Rings with less Interference Fringes
Cover glass that can be functionally weatherproofed to suit different environments.
In harsh environments like public facilities or industrial equipment, touchscreens need high environmental resistance. Cover glass is recommended to protect the surface from scratches, improve weather resistance, and simplify cleaning.
Touchscreen LCD Bonding
Skilled Technicians & In-House Equipment Supply Optimum Bonding with Stable Quality.
This service attaches protective function materials such as cover glass and protective film to the touchscreen and LCD using adhesive (double-sided) sheets or resin bonding such as optical bonding.Technically difficult bonding can be carried out with high precision using special equipment.