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USCO Group manages the official DMC Co., Ltd. website to help customers understand USCO Group business activities. We ask you to please read and understand our terms of use and privacy policy before using our website. Content may change without notice.


DMC Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies assume no liability for damage or loss occurring either directly and indirectly to any person using the information or content included on this website. DMC may change, delete, or discontinue the contents and URLs on or operations of this website without notice. While we make every effort to ensure that the information on the website is up-to-date, some information on this website may not be current. DMC Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies assume no liability for damage or loss due to out-of-date information. Site policies may also change without notice. Revised site policies come into effect when posted.

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All text, images, illustrations, videos, software and other materials on this website are protected by copyright, patent and trademark rights and other rights owned by third parties. Unauthorized copying or reproduction of these materials on this website is prohibited. Names of the products and services provided on this website by DMC Group are registered/ unregistered trademarks of the group companies.

About Links to this website

In principle, all website operators are free to link to this website regardless of their status as profit/ non-profit organizations, or intranet. This does not apply, however, if the relevant website falls or may fall into any of the categories listed below. Even if the relevant website does not fall into any of the categories listed below, we may ask you to change the settings of or delete the link.

  • Websites that contain content intended to slander or discredit DMC, DMC Group companies, their employees, other organizations or their employees
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  • Websites related to activities that are or may be unlawful
  • Websites that give a false impression to third parties by showing this website in the same frame or by hiding its identity

We are not liable for the content posted on the websites linked to our website. We may also change the URL of this website without notice.


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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are attached onto your computer or mobile devices when you visit a website. Cookies are used by a website to recognize your device when you visit the website next time. Our website uses cookie to improve quality and usability of our website.

How DMC use cookies

We use cookies to collect the data about how you interact with our website, and use "Google Analytics" a service provided by Google, to analyze those collected data. The examples of non-identifiable data we collect with cookies are

  • Number of visitors to our website.
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  • Regional information such as your country and language of the browser you use.

We use such information described above to find what visitors are looking for and what their interests are, then modify our website to improve user experiences.

You can find more specific information on how Google Analytics uses cookies in Google's Cookies and Google Analytics page.

How you can control DMC's use of cookies on our website

We do not provide a method to disable cookies for our website because the number of non-identifiable cookies we use is limited, thus we consider that the effect made on your privacy is extremely small.

However, you can erase cookies on your computer, and also can control how cookies are stored through your browser settings.

Approval for the use of cookies on DMC's website.

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