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Touchscreen / Touchless - HMI

Touchscreen Created by a Specialist

We have an extensive product lineup ranging from sensors to modules and applied products.
Please contact DMC for development and manufacturing of touch panel devices.

Touchscreen Sensor
A Panel with a Built-in Touch Sensor & a Proprietary Touch Controller that Employs Original Technology.
With just a simple overlay, you can add a touchscreen to your LCD display. By integrating it into your development products, you can create a unique & intuitive HMI. In combination with our proprietary controller, you can tune the touchscreen to your specific environment, such as gloved operation or outdoor use.

Touchscreen Controller
Touchscreen controller IC/board that enables fine tuning of touch environment.
Controllers that can adjust the touch environment to meet customer requirements & usage environments. can be used to tune various aspects of touch, such as noise filters, number of touch points, sensitivity adjustments for use with gloves, addition of water-resistant malfunction prevention functions.

Touchscreen Module
Touchscreen & LCD Modules Set that can be Efficiently Combined in Various Situations.
A wide range of options and customizations allow customers to efficiently select the optimal touchscreen display for their needs and applications. The company's focus on design and the use of common services and applications contribute to economic efficiency.

Touchscreen Computer
Smartphone-like industrial panel computer that is both power-saving and powerful.
A panel computer is an integrated embedded PC that combines a touchscreen LCD display and a computer. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications, such as control panels, operation terminals, and monitoring terminals, as it is energy-efficient, compact, and supports multi-touch operation.

Touchscreen Monitor
Industrial touchscreen monitor that is weatherproof & easy to maintain, and allows touch control via PC
Standard panel-mountable design with VESA free-mount support and optional stand. Flexible mounting in various locations and integration needs for equipment and systems. IP65 dust- and water-proof.

Touchscreen Display
InfoSOSA for manufacturing from LCD devices. displays that can introduce original operation screens.
A touchscreen display that can be connected to a microcontroller with a single serial port. By connecting to the microcontroller of the device, you can program specific processing contents & operating conditions, or customize the UI such as screen display contents & operation contents according to user settings.

Teaching Pendant
It supports teaching at the Industrial site with a development freedom & long-term stable supply.
A mobile terminal series that combines the latest solutions and unwavering peace of mind in a diverse manufacturing environment. A handy system that can be carried anywhere with people, regardless of location.