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Software - Tools
It can be built in an environment with a simple UI for speedy drawing.
We provide comfortable operation tools for setting up devices such as remote monitoring and kitting of devices. We also provide tools that will help you develop products that are more comfortable to use.
Multi-touch gesture function(for EM SERIES)
  • Scroll Frame
    Multiple screens can be set up inside and the screen can slide vertically and horizontally.
  • Screen Zoom Frame
    The screen can be intuitively zoomed in and out using gesture operation (pinch).
  • Image Zoom Frame
    Images can be intuitively enlarged or reduced using gesture controls (pinch).
  • Grid Button
    Multiple buttons can be arranged in a grid and moved horizontally by sliding operation.
  • Slider
    The value can be set by moving the handle (knob) left, right or up/down.
  • Page Swiper
  • Zoom In/ Out
Trend Graph(for IS9 SERIES)
  • History can be displayed in a trend graph
    You can scroll through the display from the oldest historical data to the most recent data. The reflections displayed in the screen can be polarised.
  • Data can be stored on the display unit side
    Data can be stored on an SD card. The data format is saved in CSV format and the data can be checked and shared on another device such as a PC.
  • Displays an ideal curve that can be compared with the history
    Ideal curves and historical values can be compared on the part. In combination with existing functions, an alarm screen can be displayed if the ideal value is exceeded.
Operating Environment
OS Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 (64bit)
Framework Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.7
Microsoft® Visual C++ 2015 Runtime
Processor 1GHz or faster
RAM 4GB or more(Recommended: 8GB or more)
HD 850MB of disc space or more (1GB or more recommended.)
Display 1024 x 768 dots or more. True Color (32bit) recommended.