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Touchscreen Usage Scenes

DMC Touchscreen with proven track record in a variety of fields

Touchscreen, which are indispensable for touch operation in various systems such as terminal terminals, medical and beauty equipment, business applications, industrial equipment and industrial devices, are deeply rooted in modern life. DMC's touchscreens, which can provide the most suitable touchscreen to meet customers' needs, have been introduced to various fields in industrial applications.

  • DMC in such a place

    From industrial sites to our everyday life. We support the future of manufacturing and living with our touchscreens.

  • Finance, Distribution, Transportation

    Information management terminals for self-service counters, etc. For public facilities, transportation, stores, airports, stations, bus stops, etc.

  • Advertising, Commercial, Institutional

    Adopted for indoor/outdoor advertising, disaster information, and other information bulletin boards. As display equipment for outdoor, storefront, public space, transportation, etc.

  • Medical, Healthcare

    For various equipment operation indicators in medical and beauty fields. Indicators for nurse call terminals, x-ray equipment, etc.

  • Business, Industry, Development

    Ideal for operation panels of equipment and tablets for business use. For processing machines, display units, molding machines, and various operation terminals for business use.

  • Amusement

    Amusement and entertainment commercial facilities, etc. Used in karaoke, pachinko/game machines, purikura, etc.