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Touchscreen Film

Film Option to Enhance functionality

Various functional films keep the appearance clean and beautiful.
Prevents scratches, dirt, weathering, & sunlight deterioration on the touchscreen surface.

Dedicated Touch Screen Controller with Proprietary Technology
Controllers that can adjust the touch environment to meet customer requirements & usage environments. can be used to tune various aspects of touch, such as noise filters, number of touch points, sensitivity adjustments for use with gloves, addition of water-resistant malfunction prevention functions.
Anti-Viral & Bacterial Film
Inhibits the growth of bacteria & certain viruses on the surface of the touchscreen.
Antibacterial and antiviral films can be easily applied to touchscreen surfaces to help prevent the growth of bacteria and certain viruses that may be present on surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people.

Protection Film
Protects the touchscreen from scratches & dirt & keeps it clean with regular maintenance.
A transparent protective film that protects the surface of a resistive touchscreen from scratches, dirt, and vandalism. Regular replacement can help maintain cleanliness and appearance.

Anti-Reflective Film
Reduces light reflections & glare on the surface of the touchscreen for easier viewing.
By destructive interference of the incident and reflected light wavelengths, the reflection of light from the surface of touchscreen products, such as reflections from sunlight or fluorescent lights, can be reduced.

Anti-Fingerprint Film
Resists fingerprints & makes them less visible in areas that need to be kept clean.
Touchscreens with anti-fingerprint coating are less noticeable and easier to wipe clean. They are ideal for use in production environments where hand grease is common, as well as in hospitals and restaurants where it is important to maintain a clean appearance.

Overlay Film
Design printing can be applied to achieve various interface designs.
Overlay film is a film with a design printed on it. By applying it to the surface of a touchscreen, various designs of interfaces can be easily created.

UV Block Film
Prevents browning & degradation of touchscreens,covers & LCDs from light exposure.
This film protects touchscreens, covers, and LCDs from the discoloration and degradation caused by exposure to sunlight and fluorescent lights.

Peephole Prevention Film
Protects privacy by making it difficult to see but the front, preventing eyes surrounding.
Protects customer privacy by preventing unauthorized viewing of ATM PIN numbers, My Number, etc., with a coating that makes it difficult to see anything other than the front.

Anti-Newton Ring Film
Prevents the loss of appearance due to Newton rings (interference fringes).
Anti-Newton ring film is a type of film that can help prevent the appearance of Newton rings (interference fringes) on touchscreens.