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Touchscreen Film
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Overlay Film
Design printing can be applied to achieve various interface designs.
Overlay film is a film with a design printed on it. By applying it to the surface of a touchscreen, various designs of interfaces can be easily created.

Feature of Overlay Film

  • Bezel-less and smart flat surfaces are possible
  • Bezel-less and smart flat surfaces are possible

    It is possible to print a logo on the touchscreen using silk screen printing or various shapes and colors using multi-color printing. By applying an overlay film with design printing, it is possible to construct buttons and other various UIs on the touch screen. Also, a flat, bezel-less design can be achieved. Maintenance can be improved without the accumulation of dirt in the bezel grooves.

  • Respond to diverse design demands
  • Respond to diverse design demands

    Overlay films are mainly used in applications that match the design of a design or product, as they can be tailored to suit the application. The film's protective function makes it dust and water resistant. It is both clean and durable. Various custom designs are available.


Examples of Utilization

  • Reproduction of membrane switch by silk printing
    Category Cases
    Products used Resistive Touchscreen
    Overlay film
    Recruitment Industry Industrial Equipment
    Uses Industrial Equipment
    Scene Noise Environment / Design/
    Anti-fouling and anti-bacterial/noise resistance
  • Background

    Industrial Equipment Indicator. We want to use a flat surface that is easy to design, clean, and maintain.

  • Adopt Content

    As it is used in a factory with a lot of noise, a 4-wire touchscreen that is not affected by noise and has high stability is selected. To create a flat surface, an overlay film with a design printout was applied on top of the touchscreen, but there was a concern that if a single film was applied on top of the 4-wire touchscreen, it would feel heavy to the touch, so a resistive touchscreen with a lighter touch feel was adopted.


Ideal for Places Like This

  • I want to put frequently used function buttons on the touch panel.

    Add film-printed buttons to touch panels on field devices and equipment

  • Colorful design of touch panels in the medical field

    We want to change to a colorful design to improve customer comfort.

  • I want to install permanent buttons in conjunction with hidden buttons.

    I want to operate buttons that only staff know how to operate for daily maintenance at public sites.

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