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Discontinuation & Transition to Made-to-Order Production for Certain Standard Models


This announcement informs you that we will discontinue certain standard models and transition others to made-to-order production due to a decrease in market demand. Please review the details as follows and kindly inform relevant personnel at your company.

  • Affected Products

    Please refer to the “List of Discontinuing Models” and “List of Models Transitioning to Made-to-Order Production”.

    List of Discontinuing Models

    Series Model Name
    AST AST-047A070A AST-084A140A -
    LST LST-043WB060B LST-057B080A LST-070WB080A
    LST-084B080A LST-090WB080A LST-101WB080A
    MTR MTR-150B100B - -
    DUS DUS-170C060A - -
    DUS-A DUS-A070WA060A DUS-A084A060A -
    DUS-LA DUS-LA070WA060A1A DUS-LA070WA060A2A -
    DUS-L DUS-L215SA060A - -
    DUS-XF DUS-XF070WA060A DUS-XF101WA060A DUS-XF104A060B
    DUS-XF121A060B DUS-XF121WA060B DUS-XF150A060B
    DUS-XF156WA060A DUS-XF185WA060A DUS-XF215WA060A
    DUS-F DUS-F070WA060A1A DUS-F070WA060A2A DUS-F084A060A1A
    DUS-F084A060A2A DUS-F101WA060A1A DUS-F101WA060A2A
    DUS-F101WA060A2A/WS DUS-F104A060B1A DUS-F104A060B2A
    DUS-F121A060B1A DUS-F121A060B2A DUS-F121WA060B1A
    DUS-F121WA060B2A DUS-F150A060B1A DUS-F150A060B2A
    DUS-F156WA060A1A DUS-F156WA060A2A DUS-F185WA060A1A
    DUS-F185WA060A2A DUS-F215WA060A1A DUS-F215WA060A2A

    List of Models Transitioning to Made-to-Order Production

    Series Model Name
    AST AST-065B050A - -
    MTR-G MTR-G070WB070A MTR-G084B070A MTR-G101WB100B
    MTR-G156WB100B - -
    DFS DFS-084A060A-E DFS-101WA060A-E DFS-104A060A-E
    DFS-121A060A-E DFS-121WA060A-E DFS-150A060A-E
    DFS-156WA120A-E DFS-185WA120A-E DFS-215WA120A-E
    DUS DUS-057B060B DUS-065B060A -
    DUS-A DUS-A170A060A - -
    DUS-LA DUS-LA121A060B2A DUS-LA215WA060A2A -
  • Successor to the Discontinuing Models

    There is no successor model. If you intend to continue using the models being discontinued, kindly consider placing a lifelong demand order.

  • Schedule for discontinuation and transition to made-to-order production

    ・Schedule of Discontinuing Models

    Last Order Acceptance Date: July 31, 2024

    Last Shipping Date*1: December 20, 2024

    *1 The last shipping date may be delayed, depending on the availability of the materials.

    ・Schedule of the models transitioning to made-to-order production

    Made-to-Order Production Transition Date*2: May 1, 2024

    *2 Regarding the affected models, we kindly request that orders be placed based on the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) from the Made-to-Order Production Transition Date onwards. For detailed information on the MOQ for each product, please contact our sales representative.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative.

We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

DMC Co., Ltd.