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Hazardous Substances Contained in Standard Products

DMC strictly adheres to the laws and regulations related to chemical substances contained in our products and reduces the use of hazardous chemical substances that impact people and the environment.

The hazardous substances used in the manufacture of our standard products are as shown below. Compliant with RoHS2 directive (2011/65/EU & 2015/863)

✓ : Corresponding to lead-free
Updated on Dec 4, 2019
Type Series DMC No. The RoHS Directive
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-M430WA190A
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-M460WA190A
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-M550WA190A-H
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-M550WA190A-V
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-XM430WA190A
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-XM460WA190A
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-XM550WA190A-H
Touchscreen DUS-M SERIES DUS-XM550WA190A-V
Touchscreen DUS-V SERIES DUS-V043WAF100
Touchscreen DUS-V SERIES DUS-V070WAF100
Touchscreen DUS-V SERIES DUS-V101WAF200
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A070WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A084A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A101WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A104A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A121A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A121WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A133WA061A/FH
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A150A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A156WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A170A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A185WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A190A060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A215WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A240WA060A
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A270WA061A/FH
Touchscreen DUS-A SERIES DUS-A320WA120A
Touchscreen DUS-L SERIES DUS-L070SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-L SERIES DUS-L121SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-L SERIES DUS-L156SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-L SERIES DUS-L185SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-L SERIES DUS-L215SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-U SERIES DUS-U070SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-U SERIES DUS-U121SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-U SERIES DUS-U156SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-U SERIES DUS-U185SA060A
Touchscreen DUS-U SERIES DUS-U215SA060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-057B060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-065B060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-070WB060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-084C060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-090WB060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-104C060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-121B060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-121WC060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-150C060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-156WC060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-170C060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-185WC060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-190C060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-190WC060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-215WC060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-220WB060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-240WB060A
Touchscreen DUS SERIES DUS-270WC060A
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G057A070A
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G070WA070A
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G084A070A
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G101WA100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G104A100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G121A100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G121B100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G121WB100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G150A100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G150B100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G156WA100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G156WB100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G185WB100B
Touchscreen MTR-G SERIES MTR-G215WB100B
Touchscreen MTR SERIES MTR-104A100A
Touchscreen MTR SERIES MTR-121A100A
Touchscreen MTR SERIES MTR-150A100A
Touchscreen MTR SERIES MTR-150B100A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-043WB060A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-057A080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-057B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-065A080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-065B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-070WA080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-070WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-084A080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-084B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-090WA080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-090WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-101WA080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-101WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-101WB080A/WS
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-104A080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-104B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-121B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-121WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-150B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-156WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-185WB080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-190B080A
Touchscreen LST SERIES LST-215WB080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-038A050A
Touchscreen ATP SERIES ATP-047
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-047A070A
Touchscreen ATP SERIES ATP-057
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-057A070A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-062A070A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-065B080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-070A080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-075A070A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-084A080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-104A080A
Touchscreen ATP SERIES ATP-104A060B
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-105A060A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-121B080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-150C080A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-150C140A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-171A140A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-190A140A
Touchscreen AST SERIES AST-213A140A
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-057A075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-070WA075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-085WA075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-084A075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-104A075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-121A075H
Touchscreen QST SERIES QST-150A075H
Touchscreen FST SERIES FST-T104C110A
Touchscreen FST SERIES FST-T121C110A
Touchscreen FST SERIES FST-T150C110A
Touchscreen FST SERIES FST-T170C110A
Touchscreen FST SERIES FST-T190C110A
Controller Resistive Series TSC-50/IC
Controller Resistive Series TSC-40/IC
Controller FST SERIES TSC-55/RU
Controller FST SERIES TSC-45/RSA-E
Controller MTR SERIES MTR1000
Controller MTR-G SERIES MTR2000
Controller Capacitive Series DUS1000
Controller Capacitive Series DUS2000
Controller Capacitive Series DUS3000